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KDE CDEmu Manager

System Software by marcel83
KDE CDEmu Manager is a simple frontend for CDEmu. It provides a small manager window that gives
7 .2
Nov 24 2017

KDE USB hotplug (Ruby/KDE)

System Software by freqmodn
Hotpluging for USB mass storage devices in KDE. It does not depend on HAL or DBUS. The program
5 .0
Oct 17 2004


System Software by Altmenorg
KdeSudo is a sudo frontend for KDE originaly developed by Robert Gruber, and now maintained
5 .8
Jan 27 2010


System Software by shm
This is a wrapper around the console killall program that works transparently with kdeinit'd
5 .0
Jan 24 2004

Kpar2 for KDE4

System Software by max63
Port of the Kpar2 frontend for libpar2 on KDE4. It depends (rather obviously) on libpar2 and sigc
5 .0
Nov 24 2009


System Software by socialdefect
only the same software selection This version is to be used on the KDE desktop environment. Can
5 .0
Nov 20 2010

KDE Partition Manager

System Software by VolkerLanz
KDE Partition Manager is a utility program to help you manage the disk devices, partitions and file
7 .5
Sep 01 2010

kgreet fprintd plugin for KDE-3.5.x

System Software by huangjz
Sorry, I can not make a screenshot with KDM/kdesktop locked. This is a fprintd kgreet plugin
5 .0
Oct 28 2013

FTP Monitor (KDE 3)

System Software by nileshbansal
[b]NOTE: This project is no longer maintained See [url]
5 .0
Jun 11 2006

KDE HAL Device Manager

System Software by jriddell
Port of HAL Device Manager to KDE. Shows what hardware you have on your system. Needs PyQt
5 .0
Jan 08 2006