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Breeze color scheme for WINE

Various Plasma Theming by Eneen
This is Breeze-inspired color scheme for WINE. Just import reg file using regedit and reload wine apps. Window decoration and window management should be done via window manager to get proper Plasma decorations. Doesn't require any msstyle and as this is only color scheme you won't get any...
plasma breeze wine winehq colorscheme linux unix theme kde
7 .4
Sep 08 2018


Various Plasma Theming by skulptor
and copyright: Michael Lentner, see for details
linux unix kde plasma theme
5 .8
Jul 31 2017

Windows10 dark look&feel

Various Plasma Theming by edoard
Windows10 dark look&feel and telegram theme
linux unix kde plasma theme
5 .0
Sep 26 2017


Various Plasma Theming by caig
A KWin decoration based on the appearance of the Mandriva Galaxy theme decoration. It offers few customization options: title alignment, title shadow and roundness of the corners. Default to resemble the original decoration. Still a bit raw. Installation: $ plasmapkg2 -i package_name.tar.gz
linux unix kde plasma theme kwin galaxy mandriva
6 .3
Sep 07 2017

Aurorae Theme Engine

Various Plasma Theming by mgraesslin
[b]This version is for KDE SC 4.3. If you use KDE SC 4.4 or later, please use the version
kde linux unix theme plasma
8 .2
Aug 14 2009

xane kwin decoration

Various Plasma Theming by edgarek
xane kwin decoration
linux unix theme kde plasma
5 .8
Jun 06 2016

Win8 decoration theme

Various Plasma Theming by demitriusbelai
Windows 8 decoration theme clone in QML. Color schema: Active Background #4D8CE3 Active Foreground #282828 Inactive Background #E0DFDE Inactive Foreground #282828 [b]Install[/b] Set execute permission and run it as normal...
linux unix theme kde plasma
5 .9
Dec 16 2015

Plastik Transparent

Various Plasma Theming by demitriusbelai
Plastik Transparent. Differences from Plastik Classic: * Solid colors. No gradient. * Square buttons. * Shadow style is outline. Plastik was raised style. (Disabled by shadow option in config) * Transparency. Duh! (Opacity can be changed in config) [b]Install[/b] Set execute...
linux unix theme kde plasma
6 .3
Sep 13 2014