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Griffin Colora

Full Icon Themes by Shenron
Griffin Colora is designed to provide your distro a flat modern and different look. It is based on Sardi. New icons will be adding with every update. Just download the tar package and extract it in the .icons directory. Then change the icons with distribution specific tools like Gnome tweak...
icon-theme linux unix 1024x768 kde gnome debian xfce cinnamon ubuntu
5 .0
Jun 07 2018

simple xfce desktop

XFCE Screenshots by mohamedanis
Screenshot for a simple xfce desktop.
linux unix screenshot xfce kde gnome background
5 .0
Mar 23 2018

Linux Lite Wallpaper

Wallpapers XFCE/Xubuntu by mohamedanis
hd 2 wallpapers created for linux lite : *Linux-Lite-yellow:1920x1200 pixels. *Linux-Lite-yellow-darken:1920x1200 pixels. crated by :mohamed anis. apps used: Gimp , fotor , and gThimp.
wallpaper xfce kde gnome linux artwork xubuntu
5 .0
Apr 01 2018

Xubuntu Girl

Wallpapers XFCE/Xubuntu by fausto23
A modification of Kubuntu girl [url]
5 .0
Feb 02 2009


XFCE Screenshots by michael93
Theme: Clearlooks Icons: Xubuntustudio Panel_image: from KDE3 kicker(defaul.png) Big_icons
5 .0
Nov 07 2008

black, gray, orange

XFCE Screenshots by desperat
- wallpaper and gtk theme from (kde, gnome, xfce? forgot... sorry ;/) modified
5 .0
Sep 13 2006

xubuntu is cool!

Wallpapers XFCE/Xubuntu by arenyart
I was playing around with a xubuntu cd. I know it's not KDE but so what!---I didn't install
5 .0
May 13 2006