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VLC Playlist Parsers by palladium
username)/Library/Application Support/org.videolan.vlc/lua/playlist/[/code] on [b]Linux[/b]: [code
8 .0
Sep 20 2020

Plasma Bolt Fire Shock and Ultra Dark Themes

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by firebrand
Black themes mostly based on Dark Cold by Original Seed. GTK 3.20+ ##Reminder## Be sure to manually select gtk-3.0/darkelements/panel.png for your Xfce4 panel background for best integration with any selected panel plugins you might use. (Ver 3.6 pulled out due to issues working with...
dark linux unix
7 .9
Oct 01 2020

XSur Dock Layout

Latte Layouts by sajith
XSur Layout for Latte Dock Required widgets are kpple menu,Application title,Globel Menu,Latte Spacer,Mac Os Inline Battery,Digital Clock,Ditto Menu,Launchpad Plasma, Icons Pack Neon Ultra Icons
latte latte-dock linux unix extension dock
5 .0
Oct 02 2020


Science by programmin
Repeater-START (Showing The Amateur Repeaters Tool) is a native Linux app to view nearby ham radio
5 .0
Sep 18 2020


Audioplayers by trialuser
. [b]Supported operating systems:[/b] GNU/Linux FreeBSD Microsoft Windows [b]Supported formats:[/b] MPEG1
8 .6
Sep 19 2020

Power Management Inhibition

Plasma 5 Applets by popov895
See information about power management inhibition
inhibition battery system energy power linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
5 .0
Oct 02 2020

sgi IMD evolution

GTK3 Themes by sylphenix
This is an sgi variation GTK2/3 theme. I love the classic IRIX style. But the strong embossed widgets now look a bit out of date. I developed this theme and tried to make it look more smooth and elegant, but to keep the essence of the original sgi grey scheme. It is light and minimal. There...
sgi irix gray linux unix theme gnome gtk3
8 .1
Sep 29 2020


LXQt Themes by Hazuki
This is one of those things I'm really surprised no one's made yet: a Clearlooks-inspired LXQt theme. It only took a couple of hours to make, and I'm hoping it will eventually get added into LXQt proper to help it blend in with existing programs and themes. LXQt's panel, like the standalone...
lxqt clearlooks linux unix theme
5 .8
Sep 28 2020


Aurorae Themes by OlliFri
A dark arorae window theme with gradients and shadows. For the installation, unzip the file and place the contents in the folder /home/USERNAME/.local/share/aurorae/themes/ copy. Then select the EFDarkArorae theme in the control panel under Application style window decoration and possibly...
arorae ked plasma windowdeko linux unix theme kde
5 .0
Sep 29 2020


Distros by efeyaryukey
A customised Pardus Iso for the people who want to use Pardus with KDE and 5.x kernel version. It's an unofficial project.
pardus kde linux debian distro
6 .7
Sep 24 2020