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Plasma Themes by jomada
New version of the Jomada FitDark theme, completely renewed, now with a new name, and many changes.
linux unix kde plasma theme
7 .7
1 day ago

Bacares Icons for Gnome

Full Icon Themes by lukasonline
An icon pack based on Adwita.
linux unix icon-theme icons gnome3 gnome icontheme
6 .2
2 days ago

Circuit Simulator 2019

Science by metallaro1980
: Linux x86_64bit Monitor 21" 512-1024 MB of RAM GnuPlot ngspice
5 .0
Nov 17 2020


Utilities by giorgiotani
and integration in *x systems: In order to reduce dependencies installable PeaZip packages for Linux needs
7 .9
Nov 13 2020

Cupertino iCons Collection

Full Icon Themes by umayanga
[b]Cupertino iCons Collection[/b] for GNOME, KDE, elementaryOS and Deepin OS [list] [*] [b]Cupertino-BigSur[/b] - macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) style icon theme [*] [b]Cupertino[/b] - macOS concept icon theme [*] [b]Cupertino-Catalina[/b] - macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15) style icon...
macos osx ios macos11 bigsur icon-theme linux unix
8 .2
Nov 14 2020

LiOS V cursors

Cursors by im-ams
LiOS V,Cursors for humans **updated the old file with new one, can use in any possible screen resolution** Unzip file for user specific install move the LiOSV folder to ` ~/.local/share/icons` for system wide move it to `/usr/share/icons` Please consider supporting me, I...
cursors macos osx apple unix linux cursor
7 .4
Nov 08 2020

Otto Aurorae Theme

Aurorae Themes by jomada
Aurorae theme for Otto Plasma theme Based on McMojave by Vinceliuice
linux unix theme kde plasma
5 .8
Nov 07 2020


Education Apps by SeeLook
, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Slovenian translations Binary packages are available for Linux, Windows
8 .0
Oct 22 2020


Plasma Splashscreens by night-app
Colorful-Background for your splashscreen! For install you can download this from your system settings or need unpack archive to /home/"user name"/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/
bootsplash boot plasma linux unix theme kde plasma-5 splashscreen
5 .0
Oct 28 2020

Moe-Dark kvantum

Kvantum by jomada
Kvantum theme for Moe-Dark plasma theme Based on KvAdaptaDark by Tsu Jan -
linux unix theme kvantum
6 .3
Oct 24 2020