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xxHash - extremely fast directory checksum

Dolphin Service Menus by Shevchuk
before unpacking): wget -qO xxhash.tzst
5 .0
Nov 21 2020

SmartER Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by sirpedroec
SmartER Video Wallpaper Modified KDE Plugin of Smart Video Wallpaper. I've added an "Always Play" mode to stop the wallpaper from pausing when a window is open. I found this is a must have for a multi-monitor setup. Based on: Thanks to ADHE & /u/samrog...
wallpaper kde kde5 video linux unix extension plasma wallpaper-plugin
5 .0
Nov 21 2020

Advanced Radio Player

Plasma 5 Multimedia by driglu4it
Radio Player with editable list of stations. Main functions: You can add / delete / edit stations in the list. Display album art (if possible) Search for radio stations (using api Update: 1.5 Fixed: show border on icon view. Added: Minimize to icon on panel view if...
radio multimedia plasmoid linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
9 .3
Nov 20 2020

Sleek GrubBootloader themes [That greets you with your name]

GRUB Themes by sandesh
Here i present you the "Sleek Grub-Bootloader Themes", Minimal , Modern looking and beautiful themes for your grub bootloader with different color options light, orange, bigSur and ....... yeah of Course 'Dark theme' . What if you can personalize your grub bootloader, What if grub bootloader...
grub grub2 grub-theme bootloader bigsur linux unix splashscreen burg bootscreen
8 .4
Nov 19 2020

BigSur GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by teraskull
BigSur GRUB Theme To install the theme, unpack the downloaded archive, and cd into it. Then run the following terminal commands: $ sudo chmod a+x $ ./ BigSur theme was designed for the 1920x1080 resolution, but is compatible with other resolutions. If you...
grub grub2 grub-theme bootloader bigsur linux unix splashscreen burg bootscreen
6 .0
Nov 13 2020

Colorful Dracula

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by kishorv06
A flat colorful wallpaper developed from the wonderful wallpapers by Dracula Themes. Credits: Dracula Theme (
flat material linux halloween wallpaper artwork tux
5 .0
Oct 26 2020


Conky by sstojkovic
Simple widget which displays time and basic weather info. Created because yahoo discontinued their weather api services and many conky weather widgets are not working because of it. Uses for weather info. Download archive and import it with conky manager or...
conky weather time linux unix extension
5 .0
Nov 06 2020

The Cupertino Effect inBlack

Plank Themes by ptalfred
[h4][color=#020052][b]The Cupertino Effect inDark[/b] from Cupertino Series[/color][/h4] [b]Check Also..:[/b] [URL=]The Cupertino Effect inWhite from Cupertino Series[/URL] [URL=]The Cupertino Effect inGrey from Cupertino...
ptalfplank linux unix extension dock plank
8 .3
Nov 02 2020


Board by xxxcucus
it guesses where you have hidden yours. The open-source app is available for Android, Windows and Linux
5 .0
Oct 26 2020

LBRY Playlist Parser

VLC Playlist Parsers by ra101
Support/org.videolan.vlc/lua/playlist/ ``` #### **Linux**: ``` ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/playlist
5 .0
Oct 22 2020