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Mac OS X-Theme for deKorator

deKorator Themes by PieKey
to have a MacOSX-looking Desktop on their Linux! I will give you the freedom to make a professional
linux unix
Score 63.3%
Jul 07 2006


deKorator Themes by uladk
/linux/gu-interface/skins/kde-theme-foton-port/ Page also contains instructions.
linux unix
Score 58.0%
Oct 22 2006

Reluna DeKorator

deKorator Themes by Shirakawasuna
]. Installation is easy, just read the included README. If you have archlinux, I've uploaded a PKGBUILD
linux unix
Score 72.2%
Apr 26 2009

dekorator 0.3 rpm / src.rpm for All

deKorator Themes by Blackcrack
Description: SOME REQUEST - a lot of you guy's were asking for binaries for their distros, so please if you could build one and mail it to me i would post them ASAP, 10X:) Hi there, this is the deKorator kwin deco, deKorator is based on the HOWTO: KWin Window Manager...
linux unix
Score 58.0%
Apr 13 2018

Wineight Kwin Style

deKorator Themes by alesandromarkes
For those who still doesn't have KDE 4.10 and wants to try a very simple, square and lightweight metro style in Kwin. Link to download theme if the others are down: [url][/url]. Depends of...
linux unix
Score 65.0%
Jun 01 2014

owl rmx remixed

deKorator Themes by crona
remix of owl rmx, which can be found below other themes used in screenshot: fullflat 2.0 for qtcurve (kde UI elements) fullflat 2.0 green colour scheme produkt plasma theme dmz white cursor faenk icons droid fonts
linux unix
Score 53.3%
Jan 29 2014


deKorator Themes by elav
Tema basado en Elementary + OSX Dekorator Theme based on Elementary + OSX
linux unix
Score 58.6%
Mar 18 2013


deKorator Themes by elav
Tema inspirado en OS X y ElementaryOS
linux unix
Score 58.0%
Dec 11 2012


deKorator Themes by elav
Tema inspirado en Elementary para Dekorator
linux unix
Score 58.6%
Dec 11 2012

MWM / CDE / MOTIF Window Decorations

deKorator Themes by josvanr
MWM / CDE / MOTIF Window Decorations 1.1 for deKorator Get the elegant retro look window decorations of CDE and the like. No-gradients guarantee! Colors will be adapted from your current theme's colors Now added multiple sizes for the title bar (50%-140%) INSTALLATION -Install...
linux unix
Score 67.1%
Nov 26 2012