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GTK3 Themes by zayronXIO
first beta of the theme, elemental-catalina, created 100% from 0, to guarantee 100% compatibility with elementaryos. use different screenshots of catalina on the web as a reference, and to support the creation of the theme also read the codes of some great mac style themes in gtk3, such as...
gtk3 plank linux macos catalina elementary gnome theme unix
Score 67.3%
Jun 18 2020

Red-on-Black Theme

GTK3 Themes by solsticeman
, and Gnome Shell components. Tested with Linux Mint 19.1-Cinnamon, Ubuntu 20.04, and MX-18.1. Gnome
black cinnamon dark-theme gnome plank red linux gtk3 unix theme
Score 70.0%
May 24 2020