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linux dark decoration

Aurorae Themes by jone73
linux dark window decoration for plasma 5.**********
linux unix theme kde plasma dark gray aurorae decoration
Score 50.0%
Dec 01 2019


Aurorae Themes by jcmljunior
The Macteria is aurorae theme that mimics OSX window decoration, with Materia colors. Based on Breezemite and Materia.
materia aurorae linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 60.0%
May 24 2020

Materia KDE

Aurorae Themes by x-varlesh-x
Materia KDE - it's port Materia GTK Theme for Plasma 5 desktop. Available 2 Aurorae themes: - Materia Light - Materia Dark
aurorae materia material linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 63.3%
May 23 2020

Materia Manjaro

Aurorae Themes by freefreeno
[color=#00C8B5]Materia Style Aurorae themes[/color] If you want to see the best screenshots without the blurriness then click and enlarge so and you will have a much better view. The new Breeze style icons are here: The folder icons are...
aurorae kdeplasma flat materia linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 71.4%
May 20 2020

Monochrome KDE

Aurorae Themes by pwyde
A dark theme inspired by black and white photography. See the [url=""]project[/url] page for more information and recommendations.
aurorae monochrome dark linux unix theme kde plasma greyscale
Score 67.1%
May 18 2020

Yaru dark 20.04 theme aurorae

Aurorae Themes by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]Yaru (ubuntu theme) for plasma KDE [/b][/u][/color] Based on the Yaru colors [color=#17B529][u][b]Plasma, gnome, xfce, cinnamon, lxde, i3 [/b][/u][/color] + [b]Yaru extend icons [/b][url=]
ubuntu theme aurorae linux unix kde plasma
Score 50.0%
Apr 22 2020

Celeste - Aurorae

Aurorae Themes by Dannel
Celeste un tema inspirado en Material Design y Liri OS Celeste a theme inspired by Material Design and Liri OS [b]- Kvantum Themes:[/b] [url=][/url] [b]- Plasma Color Schemes:[/b] [url=][/url] [quote][b]Please support...
kde plasma aurorae linux unix theme
Score 68.6%
Mar 23 2020

Simply Circles Colors Aurorae

Aurorae Themes by ju1464
Aurorae themes for Simply Circles. [b]Information:[/b] [b]Support KDE colorscheme.[/b] These are part of the KDE Plasma Simply Circles Colors Desktops. [list] [*][url=]Simply Circles Blue[/url] [*][url=]Simply...
aurorae circles linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 66.7%
Mar 09 2020


Aurorae Themes by Cybernix
Aurorae for Flatery theme
aurorae flatery windows linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 50.0%
Mar 10 2020


Aurorae Themes by l4k1
[B]Aurorae Theme, customized for the [COLOR="green"] [B]KDE-Story[/B] [/COLOR] Plasma Theme, which you can download: [url=][COLOR="red"] Here [/COLOR][/url] Link to Wallpaper [COLOR="green"] [B]Desert Green Wallpapers[/B] [/COLOR]:...
aurorae linux unix theme kde plasma
Score 71.4%
Feb 27 2020