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How to Install Skype for Debian Linux

Screencasts & Tutorials by creativity
how to install skype for debian linux
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Mar 19 2020

Add non-free repository debian linux

Screencasts & Tutorials by creativity
add non-free repository debian linux
linux debian videos tutorial video
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Mar 19 2020


GTK3 Themes by bskaio
Hacking_Parrot ---->>>>> Installation : extract the file and move to home/.themes/ ( press Ctrl + H to view the folder .themes ) or directly use the system theme installer. or Unzip and copy the folder to /usr/share/themes/ Install (Sovietec-OS) Sigma Cyan to complete.
themes linux gtk-gnome dark debian unix theme gnome gtk3
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22 hours ago

Skype64bits GNU/Linux

Internet Apps by haylem
Cliente de mensajeria skype de Microsoft
software app skype gnu linux debian ubuntu
Score 50.0%
Sep 16 2019

TL-WN725N-TP-Link-2 linux

Network by ilnanny75
/ilnanny75/tl-wn725n-tp-link-2-linux/raw/master/TP_Link_TL_WN725N_Debian_ilnanny.jpg" alt="TL-WN725N-TP-Link
software app tplink debian linux drivers ubuntu
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Jun 04 2019

Callback to Debian GNU/Linux

Wallpapers Debian by isylumn
A callback to the penguin logo Debian used 20 years ago in 1999
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Feb 17 2019

Clearlooks Overcast - XFCE Theme - GTK3 and GTK2

GTK3 Themes by vauss
Grey variation of Clearlooks theme, with a dark desktop panel. Created for the Xfce Desktop, supporting both GTK3 & GTK2. It includes a xfce-notify theme and a lightdm-gtk-greeter theme. Available in 4 versions: - for gtk3.24 (Debian Buster), requires mate-themes (based on TraditionalOk) -...
linux unix gnome theme debian gtk3
Score 82.1%
May 23 2020

MX Linux Dark City

Wallpapers Debian by antechdesigns
Download file for High Resolution image 16*9 view full screen for best image quality.
Score 50.0%
Oct 24 2017


Wallpapers Debian by migueldemalaga
Second work of my firts ( this is the second ) wallpaper for linux.
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Dec 10 2008

Winter Linux

Wallpapers Debian by rosatensid
Score 50.0%
Nov 26 2012