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Mint-Yz - The Linux Mint Mint-Y now in energized colors

GTK3 Themes by SebastJava
rejuvenated, modernized. This is a fork from your reliable Mint-Y theme. It is the standard Linux Mint Gtk
cinnamon linux unix theme linuxmint gnome gtk3
7 .0
Aug 08 2020

LINUX Mind 2

Plymouth Themes by corto44
Again the theme Linux Mind but with a short animation of clouds in head [ubuntu 16.04 (grub
linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
5 .8
Jul 18 2020

Linux and the bird

Plymouth Themes by corto44
Small animation around linux . [ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)]
linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
5 .0
Jul 13 2020


Plasma Splashscreens by creativity
Screen saver KDE Plasma. I would be glad if you rate it and comment. Thanks to all!
kde plasma splash screen linux unix theme plasma-5 splashscreen
5 .0
Jul 09 2020

Reversal icon theme

Full Icon Themes by yeyushengfan258
[b]Reversal Icon Theme[/b] A colorful Design Rectangle icon theme for linux desktops
linux unix icon-theme
8 .9
15 hours ago

Linux Mind

GRUB Themes by corto44
Linux in mind..[ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)] Possible to download a similar
linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
6 .0
Jul 07 2020

macOS Big Sur

Cursors by Kaiz
]Twitter[/url][/b](@ful1e5_) [b][size=150]Linux/X11 installation[/size][/b] Get the latest stable/dev
macos bigsur xcursor x11 windows linux unix cursor
7 .3
1 day ago

Windows 98 Iconpack

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan
PC Link Plus98! Para Linux: Muy pronto Windows 98 Based Windows 98 ended its support Many had
windows classic 9x old linux unix icon-theme
6 .5
2 days ago

Azenis Black Cinnamon theme mate XFCE NO-CSD

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
and spellcheck for Terminal
linux unix theme cinnamon
5 .0
13 hours ago

Arch Gotham

Conky by ABOhiccups
I created my own version of Gotham Conky by match the color from Arch Linux. I added multiple
arch gotham clock specs blue linux unix extension conky
6 .9
2 days ago