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Puedo encontrar en GNU/Linux todo lo que usaba en Windows

Video-Blogs by swl-x
Muchos usuarios temen llegar a GNU/Linux y no encontrar las aplicaciones que usaban en Windows. Hoy
podcast linux windows videos video
Score 50.0%
Mar 31 2020

Add exe games to Lutris library

Dolphin Service Menus by loup
platform for Linux. It installs and launches games so you can start playing without the hassle of setting
Score 50.0%
May 29 2020


GTK3 Themes by darkomarko42
budgie theme style like windows 8 (also support mate desktop and xfce4) 0.2 new design
windows windows8 budgie dark-theme light-blue linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 60.0%
2 days ago

Windows 10 Latte Layout

Latte Layouts by fkorpsvart
latte-dock"[/list] - For Arch Linux and derivatives: [list][*]"sudo pacman -S latte-dock"[/list
latte dock windows kde linux unix extension
Score 66.7%
May 27 2020

Menu Z

Plasma 5 Menus by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]Menu Z menu[/b][/u][/color] Menu with the layout of Windows10 [b][u][color=#0074D9]Installation[/color][/u][/b] Download the package and execute the following command from your terminal (for install or upgrade). [code]plasmapkg2 --install...
plasma menu windows linux unix extension kde plasma-5 widget
Score 68.8%
May 30 2020

Uos [Deepin V20]

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
icons extracted from the beta of Uos, deepin os v20, This set is set for use in any distribution and DE that you wish to use, I can also install it in the current version of deepin. In addition to the original icons I have added some totally new and exclusively for this version. the merit...
macos deepinv20 uos windows icons linux unix icon-theme
Score 83.8%
May 24 2020

Diamond Linux

Distros by Diamond
Diamond Linux based on Debian + KDE •Windows style Linux OS •Operating System in 10 minutes
distro windows style linux
Score 50.0%
Jul 24 2018

Linux Distro Penguins

Wallpapers Windows by A_user
A Wallpaper Stating That No-one needs Windows.
Score 60.0%
Nov 02 2016

gnulinux mswindows matrix choice

Wallpapers Windows by neocrivi
matrix choice pills spanish
Score 50.0%
Aug 25 2015


Wallpapers Windows by roxas
who will win? gnu/linux or windows?
Score 50.0%
Apr 19 2009