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Plasma Color Schemes by Masque
A mod of Accento Light Orange, with more variety and contrast of colors a little reminiscent of the old Amiga Workbench What was changed: - Lighter buttons - Blue active titles - Inactive titles are a little darker to set them apart from the window main color
breeze orange blue amiga workbench linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
6 .0
May 03 2020

Amiga Slider

SDDM Login Themes by Tweak
Slightly modified version of "breeze-slider2" with included Amiga themed slidefiles 2.1 - Added more slidefiles
linux unix sddm amiga custom theme
6 .0
Jul 09 2019

AmigaBuntu KColor Theme

Plasma Color Schemes by Tweak
My AmigaBuntu KColor Theme
amiga color amigabuntu kde linux unix theme plasma colorscheme
5 .0
Jun 21 2019


Distros by Tweak
twist and still being linux. Any support would be provided by Kubuntu, Kubuntu forums and IRC
5 .0
Nov 26 2018

AmigaBuntu Keyboard Indicator Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by Tweak
Keyboard Indicator Icon Set made by me, with a slight Amiga theme. Designed for Kubuntu 18.10 but may work for other distros.
linux unix iconset keyboard indicator amiga caps numlock
5 .0
Mar 20 2019

Tweaks Amiga Icons

Full Icon Themes by Tweak
A very large Amiga inspired icon theme taken from a great multitude of sources. **INCOMPLETE** Please feel free to make changes and let me know or upload it. I use this theme and it is very complete but not 100%. I ran out of time working on this for over 2 years. Also contained is a work...
amiga icons kubuntu ubuntu commodore linux unix icon-theme
6 .4
Oct 20 2018