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Set Colors

Utilities by FluxApex
This is a command line utility that is a wrapper for setting colors in Linux shells/consoles
command shell bash linux colors software app
6 .0
Nov 19 2020

MC Chunk Get V3 - CLI Edition

Utilities by FluxApex
-platform for Windows and Linux and this is the cross-platform CLI version of this 3rd version written
5 .0
Nov 14 2020


Science by haylem
Calculadora de resistencias 4 bandas para la terminal.
calcresist linux source resistor calculator software app
6 .0
Nov 17 2020


Music Production by rncbc
. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio and the Advanced Linux
8 .3
Oct 30 2020


Education Apps by SeeLook
, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Slovenian translations Binary packages are available for Linux, Windows
8 .0
Oct 22 2020


Utilities by FluxApex
Customize silent running processes with frame animations and text in Linux Bash shells
linux bash animation shell software app
5 .0
Oct 18 2020

WALC - unofficial WhatsApp Linux Client

Chat & Messenging by cstayyab
A WhatsApp Desktop client for linux systems. This is an unofficial client. Use https
7 .0
Jul 11 2020

Bench CLI

Utilities by FluxApex
lines written in Fortran. Very precise and fast. This is the Linux AppImage version.
linux benchmark shell bash software app
5 .0
Oct 15 2020

Todo Bash

Utilities by FluxApex
A Linux (command line) 'TODO' AppImage, function, and script. This is the AppImage version
linux shell bash todo software app
5 .2
Oct 15 2020

YouTube Search Filter

Utilities by FluxApex
Do YouTube searches with (or without) a pre-filter from the Linux Bash command line since we can't
linux bash youtube search software app
5 .0
Oct 15 2020