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Emoticons_Funny smileys

Emoticons by creativity
Emoticons_Funny smileys
linux unix emoticon smileys emotion
5 .0
Feb 29 2020

aMSN emoticons for KDE4 (Kopete/KMess)

Emoticons by FraSMOG
[b]aMSN emoticons port for KDE 4.x[/b] converted by Fra S.M.O.G. from Pimp My Linux [i]([url]http
emoticon linux unix
6 .7
Jul 06 2013


Emoticons by acidrums4
Linux, and are 100% original. I hope that you like them, and I'm waiting for your comments, votes
emoticon linux unix
7 .2
Mar 18 2011


Emoticons by jeanne-pontarlier
Pedrolino or Pierrot from commedia dell'arte; Pedrolino is a primo zanni or comic servant.
emoticon linux unix
5 .6
Aug 13 2017

xane emotes

Emoticons by egarciae
xane emotes pack
emoticon linux unix
6 .9
Jun 06 2016


Emoticons by apachelogger
Glass emoticon theme.
emoticon linux unix
5 .0
May 31 2016

Facebook-Gajim (Gajim)

Emoticons by semperverus
A simple cross between Facebook and Gajim icons. Built to be compatible with Gajim icon text, and including just the basics. Some icons could not be matched (and thus removed), and a few were added extra. I will be doing a full Facebook-specific conversion later. Install to...
emoticon linux unix
5 .0
May 25 2015

Emojione emoticone theme

Emoticons by rjornetc
This is an emoticone theme, made with the Emoji One images. Full compatible with UTF-8 emoji. Comosed by 824 light and scalable svg images. All images belong to Emoji One proyect (
emoticon linux unix
6 .5
Mar 30 2015

HipChat Emoticons

Emoticons by fpmh
A collection of HipChat emoticons from Atlassian for XMPP users.
emoticon linux unix
5 .0
Jan 30 2015

Google Hangout Emojis Complete

Emoticons by gcala
Collection of 861 emojis directly from Google Hangout. This set contains all emoticons currently available. Icons are property of Google Inc. [b]Attention:[/b] For a mysterious reason, selecting the new theme in System Settings causes changes in some emoticons, that don't work. So, to...
emoticon linux unix
7 .6
Dec 19 2014