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Windows 10 flat GTK

GTK3 Themes by sinner59
Windows 10 modern UI but Flat style [u][b]Please rate it if you like or/and uses ![/b][/u] (consider this as a flat theme artwork simply, nothing more). [b]Install[/b] uncompress into: - /usr/share/themes/ - $HOME/.themes Then just change the theme, with you favourite distro or...
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme flat windows10 windows
6 .3
Jun 22 2019

Toffee Xfwm

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by malysps
Simple Xfwm theme for Xfce matching Toffee GTK theme by vinceliuice Link to GitLab: Link to the Toffee GTK theme: Changelog: 1.1 - slightly darker window shadow - bottom, left & right 1px...
linux unix spass toffee xfwm flat
6 .3
Apr 15 2019

Kisskool Folder Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by kisskool
Kisskool Folder Icons ----------------------------- Correction des pixels ------------------------------ Information: par défaut mes icônes dossier sont mise en téléchargement avec les icônes Mint-y ces a ta vous de modifier index.Themes pour mettre en place les icônes apps et...
icon flat color linux mint unix iconset
6 .3
Oct 04 2018


GTK3 Themes by tnilzon
Soft and green, with colors inspired from DevianArt. Flat and squared, made for Gnome.
gnome gtk3 green flat squared linux unix theme
6 .7
Nov 03 2018


GTK3 Themes by tnilzon
Simple - Flat - Squared gtk3 theme, everything designed to make your computer experience pleasant without getting in the way. Made for Gnome.
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 dark-theme flat squared
6 .7
Nov 01 2018