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TraditionalOk Clearlooks Colours

GTK3 Themes by rosaastrum
MATE's TraditionalOk theme in seven new colour variants based on the classic gnome-colors icon theme. The theme's base colour has also been changed to grey from the standard off-white in an attempt to be easier on the eyes. Designed for the MATE desktop, but should work with any environment that...
mate gtk gtk-2 gtk-3 linux unix theme gnome gtk3
7 .1
Jul 25 2020

Espectro Mate

GTK3 Themes by joseddon
joseddon's Espectro for Mate Desktop is a modification of the ju1464's Fantasma GTK3 theme. "Gnome" or "Papirus-Dark" icon themes and "Oxygen White" cursor theme are recommended.
gtk3 mate gtk-3 gtk2 gtk-2 linux unix theme gnome
5 .0
Mar 31 2020

Adwaita Dark Green

GTK3 Themes by IBBoard
Adwaita Dark Green is based on Adwaita but with a darker colour set (inspired by Mediterranean Night Dark*) and dark menu bars. I find Adwaita too bright, and the Mediterranean series didn't keep up with GTK3's progress, so I made my own version. I used Adwaita as a base as it made...
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme adwaita adwaita-dark
7 .7
Oct 13 2019

Adwaita Flat Dark Theme with ThinkPad Red

GTK3 Themes by oskonnikov
Based on GTK Adwaita. Gradients was deleted. Used dark background (#151515) and bright red accent (#E60012) Inspired by ThinkPadĀ® red dot color. To install this theme unpack archive to your ~/.themes folder or press Install on Appearance window and choose this file.
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 adwaita flat red dark thinkpad
6 .2
Mar 29 2019

Traditional-Human for 18.04

GTK3 Themes by blue-dxca93
Based on 18 04 Mate Tradional ok
linux unix theme gnome gtk3
7 .0
May 21 2018