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Icon Sub-Sets by adhe
Icons from OieOxy and OieIcons for *GreenPeas4Plasma* Look&Feel Details theme: Soon ... - Plasmoids for KDE * Launcher: [url=] NavDexie menu[/url] * Clock: [url=] Split digital...
linux unix iconset icons plasma kde gnome
5 .0
Sep 16 2019


Icon Sub-Sets by adhe
Blue folder icons from OieOxy for look & feel [u][b]Full settings[/b][/u] * Colorscheme: [url=] Pear Light Color [/url] * Plasma theme: [url=] Pear Light [/url] * Aurorae theme: [url=] PearLight...
linux unix iconset icon plasma gnome mac
5 .8
Jul 10 2019

nautilus alternate for Mojave ct

Icon Sub-Sets by zayronXIO
Nautilus alternative icon, the svg can be used for the "Mojave CT" icon theme and the png icons can be used in other sets that use this format.
gnome kde kdeneon plasma linux unix iconset
5 .0
Jan 23 2019