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Various Gnome Theming by OlliFri
A dark Gtk theme without a lot of frames and boxes with rounded botons. Included are a gtk2 and gtk3 theme. For the installation, as always, copy the unzipped files either into the home directory provided for this purpose or into the / usr / share / theme / directory with root rights All...
gtk3 gtk2 linux unix theme gnome
6 .0
Sep 09 2020

Arc Renegade GTK Theme

Various Gnome Theming by telur
Modern, clean, simple, metro-like theme for gtk based desktop environment, also comes with default icons. Tutorial and guides included in zip packages, configuration snapshot also available to load.
linux unix theme gnome arc purple gtk2 gtk3 lxde
5 .0
Jun 13 2020

Compiz GTK Window Decorator theme selector

Various Gnome Theming by commodoreameris
I haven't seen this uploaded anywhere else on this site. So I am uploading it here. Not my creation. Credit goes to the Manjaro project.
compiz theme linux unix gnome
5 .0
Feb 15 2020

Sky Blue theme for Libreoffice 6.x.x

Various Gnome Theming by mike-linux-nl
SKY BLUE theme for LibreOffice 6.x.x On Linux Mint 19.1 i am using a light/white theme. In order
office libre openoffice theme linux unix gnome
5 .8
Jun 13 2019


Various Gnome Theming by kp2401075
Theme based on shades of Grey. Window controls are recreated (inspired by MR ROBOT)
linux unix theme gnome mr.robot robot
5 .0
Aug 14 2019


Various Gnome Theming by bagley
Linux’s appearance and layout into a Mac OS X environment. Although Macbuntu is dedicated to Ubuntu Linux
linux unix gnome theme
7 .6
Nov 15 2010