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Rose Pine GTK 3

GTK3 Themes by thatonecalculator
GTK 3 Theme for the colorscheme Rosé Pine Loosely based off of Ant GTK Future plans: Hover buttons with Rose design Make GNOME top bar more consistent Fetch featured is my own fetch script CalcFetch
dark minimal gnome-dark gtk-3 gnome linux unix theme gtk3
6 .7
Sep 05 2020

Luna-silver Mate and XFCE

GTK3 Themes by blue-dxca93
As requested a theme fort MATe and XFCE. I did only the gtk3 theme.
luna gnome gtk-3 linux unix theme gtk3
6 .0
Aug 04 2020


GTK3 Themes by saint-13
MacOS Style theme for ElementaryOS this is just for Elementary OS, it's based on default EOS dark theme and ElementaryX theme default EOS theme had some problem with dark mode. and ElementaryX had some blueish accent which i didn't like, so i made my own version. i also replaced button...
elementary mac theme gtk-3 dark linux unix gnome gtk3
7 .0
Aug 05 2020

TraditionalOk Clearlooks Colours

GTK3 Themes by rosaastrum
MATE's TraditionalOk theme in seven new colour variants based on the classic gnome-colors icon theme. The theme's base colour has also been changed to grey from the standard off-white in an attempt to be easier on the eyes. Designed for the MATE desktop, but should work with any environment that...
mate gtk gtk-2 gtk-3 linux unix theme gnome gtk3
7 .1
Jul 25 2020


GTK3 Themes by bryan-u
It supports GTK2, GTK3, Cinnamon, GNOME, Openbox, Xfwm. Icons i used was Papirus dark. (
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 material-design gtk-3 cinnamon xfwm4 gnome-shell
5 .6
Jun 24 2020

Espectro Mate

GTK3 Themes by joseddon
joseddon's Espectro for Mate Desktop is a modification of the ju1464's Fantasma GTK3 theme. "Gnome" or "Papirus-Dark" icon themes and "Oxygen White" cursor theme are recommended.
gtk3 mate gtk-3 gtk2 gtk-2 linux unix theme gnome
5 .0
Mar 31 2020