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Ariake GTK Theme

GTK3 Themes by fkorpsvart
[h3]Ariake GTK Themes[/h3] [h4] The Ariake GTK theme is based on the color scheme for code editors such as: [b]VSCode[/b], [b]Atom[/b], etc ... To match my editor with the desktop and to give a uniform appearance, I ventured to create this theme and put the predominant colors of the Ariake...
gtk gnome mate plank shell linux unix theme gtk3
7 .1
Oct 20 2020


GTK3 Themes by abhishekzambare
[b]** If you like the theme then support project by giving ratings, thank you. **[/b] elementosh is design Like Elementary OS (Pantheon Desktop) Gtk Theme : [url=]elementosh-Originals-Gtk[/url] Cursor Theme: ...
elementary pantheon gtk3 ubuntu material linux unix theme gnome
7 .7
Oct 20 2020

Ant Themes

GTK3 Themes by eliverlara
A flat and light theme with a modern look [B]Installation: [/B] 1.- Extract the zip file to the themes directory i.e. ~/.themes/ or /usr/share/themes/ (create it if necessary). 2.- To set the theme in Gnome, run the following commands in Terminal (i.e Ant...
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
8 .8
Oct 19 2020

IceBlue for Xfce

GTK2 Themes by thefrankenstein
: Roboto. Window headers font: Xolonium. Tested and running on MX Linux.
7 .1
Oct 15 2020


GTK3 Themes by tsbarnes
A stylish pastel theme for GTK+ based environments, including GNOME, XFCE, and Cinnamon
pastel linux unix theme gnome gtk3
5 .8
Oct 19 2020

MGT theme

GTK3 Themes by gusaroo
A modern and flat theme based on Materia Works with Gtk2, Gtk3
xfce gtk3 gnome linux unix theme
7 .1
Oct 19 2020

Marwaita CMY

GTK3 Themes by darkomarko42
This is the marwaita theme but have a color variant (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) 0.3 new design
cyan magenta yellow budgie marwaita linux unix theme gnome gtk3
5 .8
Oct 19 2020

ChromeOS GTK Theme

GTK3 Themes by vinceliuice
ChromeOS style gtk theme for Gnome desktop -------------------------- Based on: [b]nana-4 -- materia-theme[/b] [url][/url] -------------------------- Icon Theme:[b]vimix icon...
linux unix theme gnome gtk3
8 .6
Oct 19 2020

ChromeOs-Dark [3.36 support - plus new extra-dark flavor]

GTK3 Themes by rtl88
for download on GTK-Linux. Four fabulous Material Design flavors have been going through extensive testing
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 chrome
9 .0
Oct 13 2020

Flat Remix Blue [GTK/Elementary/Budgie]

GTK3 Themes by daniruiz06
[h4] Web Page: [b][url=][/url][/b] [img][/img] [b][url=]@dani_ruiz24[/url][/b] [/h4] [hr][/hr] [h1]Themes[/h1] [list] [*] Flat Remix GTK...
flat remix material gtk blue gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
9 .0
Oct 18 2020