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GTK3 Themes by JLCNate
This for Codernate Linux (Arch Base)
linux unix theme gnome gtk3
6 .5
Nov 29 2018


GTK3 Themes by facecolor
A concise themeļ¼ This theme supports gtk2 and gtk3 If you like, you can donate!
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 white border clean simple
7 .5
Dec 13 2018

Debian MATE Themes

GTK3 Themes by VentGrey
These are the Ubuntu MATE themes rebranded & adapted for Debian. These themes are a work in progress and there is a long way to go till they are finished and completely usable, credits are in the file included or at the end of this message I shall not receive any credit for this...
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 mate debian source
5 .0
Nov 17 2018


GTK3 Themes by tnilzon
Soft and green, with colors inspired from DevianArt. Flat and squared, made for Gnome.
gnome gtk3 green flat squared linux unix theme
6 .7
Nov 03 2018