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Archlinux status icons for Octopi-notifier

Icon Sub-Sets by Ralsa
Archlinux logo icon set to replace the default Octopi-notifier icons in the notification area
icons systray archlinux linux unix iconset
5 .0
Sep 23 2020

OpenBoardView Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by psychydyl
Open Board View app and mimetypes icons. These go into the directory for hicolor icons. Extract to ~/.icons or ~/.local/share/icons (depending on where your distro looks for icons). You could also extract as root to /usr/share/icons (7z x -so OpenBoardView.7z | tar xf - -C /usr/share/icons).
boardview icons hicolor linux unix iconset
5 .0
Oct 24 2020

MX Linux App Menu In Color

Icon Sub-Sets by isylumn
A custom MX Linux application menu
mx linux menu unix iconset
5 .0
Apr 24 2019

Linux Mint Update manager icons for systray

Icon Sub-Sets by abdullahoguk
Linux Mint Update Manager custom icons This icon set is edited version of RoberGalarga's work
linuxmint cinnamon update updatemanager linux-mint linux unix iconset
5 .8
Dec 03 2018


Icon Sub-Sets by haniahmed1986
updated 22/6/2013 support nautilus 3.6 & 3.8.1
linux unix iconset
7 .4
Mar 07 2014

Pisi Linux

Icon Sub-Sets by Groni1
Here found you some buttons for Pisi Linux the have the size from 256x256 i work on a complete
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Feb 21 2014

Marwaita Icons X

Icon Sub-Sets by darkomarko42
Marwaita Icons with Windows 10 style windows controls
linux unix iconset windows10 marwaita icons icon-theme
5 .0
Jul 06 2020

ArchLinux Homebutton

Icon Sub-Sets by Heckler
Just a home-button for Arch Linux I made to suit my needs. I really want rectangular Buttons
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Apr 09 2013


Icon Sub-Sets by regendra
Finally, We can finished this work. it's contained 13 icons. I'm also release Mac OS X and Windows version. You can use and distribute all of icons, but you must have permission from us [it's free] and don't forget to put ReadMe.txt file in your distribution file. Let our Icons invate...
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Aug 09 2006

Powered by archlinux

Icon Sub-Sets by giannis12a
pc sticker , with archlinux logo.
linux unix iconset
6 .6
Nov 22 2010