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Plasma Lockscreen

Various Stuff by taylorcmatt68
Custom KDE Plasma Lockscreen with Google nest hub type info weather,calender events,email,stocks
kde plasma5 lockscreen linux unix extension
5 .0
Oct 01 2020

Albert App Launcher BS Themes

Various Stuff by fkorpsvart
launcher "Alfred", I have created these themes for Linux application launcher "Albert"; Giving
big bigsur kde albert gnome linux unix extension
6 .0
Aug 06 2020

Touchscreen extras

Various Stuff by piotrintes
Linux desktop - GUI tool for simple setup and configuration Installation and configuration
touch screen linux kde extras unix extension
5 .6
Aug 07 2020


Various Stuff by amoebios
- work in progress - included are: - Plasma desktoptheme - QtCurve config - color-scheme ---- (i had a nice long description, but this form lost it, because i forgot the license)
linux unix extension theme kde
5 .0
May 03 2010