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Spectrum Min. Classic Light

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
This is the Spectrum Minimal Classic theme locked with the Breeze color scheme so it stays light regardless of the color scheme you are using. Use this if you want your panel and widgets to be light, but to have different colored windows. This plasma theme is used in...
light breeze spectrum genome linux unix theme kde plasma
5 .0
Nov 29 2020

Spectrum Light

Global Themes by doncsugar
Constructs the original [url=]Genome Light theme[/url] with the new Spectrum theme. [b]Installs:[/b] [url=]Genome Light[/url] Color Scheme [url=]Genome Light Classic[/url] Plasma...
light breeze genome spectrum linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
6 .5
Nov 29 2020

Genome Light

Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
This comes from Genome Light's colors. It is a slight adjustment to Breeze Light. This color scheme is used in [url=]Spectrum Light[/url] [b]Troubleshooting:[/b] Have you tried turning it off and on again? Sometimes plasma assets will not update and some...
light genome spectrum linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
6 .0
Nov 28 2020


Global Themes by tsbarnes
A warm, inviting orange and white theme. Requires: Color scheme (Daniela): Icon set (McMojave-circle-orange):
orange white light linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
5 .0
Nov 23 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by tsbarnes
A warm, inviting orange and white color scheme.
orange white light linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
5 .0
Nov 23 2020

Spectrum Folders Light

Full Icon Themes by doncsugar
Currently only the color-changing folders of Spectrum. This is exists for light themes, as not all assets in plasma are rendered according to the color scheme.
color light folder genome spectrum linux unix icon-theme
5 .0
Nov 23 2020


Gnome Shell Themes by abhishekzambare
[b]** If you like the theme then support project by giving ratings, thank you. **[/b] [b]Neon-Original is a Neon Design theme for GNOME/GTK based desktop environments.[/b] [b]It supports GTK 2, GTK 3, GNOME Shell, Budgie, Cinnamon, MATE, Unity, Xfce etc.[/b] Shell Theme : ...
neo neon light dark linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
6 .0
Nov 22 2020


Plasma Color Schemes by lynxano
a light colour theme for the plasma desktop, using various reds and oranges as accents, and with some other pastel colours its version 1.0.6 bcus i recently renovated and lightly adjusted some things, then also made a much smaller adjustment to make some things more readable. ive been using...
light plasma theme pastel pink linux unix kde colorscheme
5 .0
Oct 21 2020


GTK3 Themes by g-nome
been test on [b]Linux Debian 10 (Buster), Ubuntu 18.04.3 and Linux Mint 19.2[/b] [b] Files
themes gtk3 gtk2 dark light linux unix theme gnome
6 .7
Aug 24 2020


XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by g-nome
[b]Themes [/b] XFWM4 (Xfce Window Manager) Base on : [URL=]Arc-Theme[/url] Have been test on : Debian Bullseye [b] Installation [/b] Extract Archive File on [b][i]/usr/share/themes (as root), /.themes[/b][/i] or...
xfwm4 themes dark light linux unix theme
5 .0
Aug 14 2020