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XFCE4 Gradient-black

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by kanehekili
Gradient black has been designed on a xfce desktop. It supports its panel, gtk2,gtk3 and all apps provided. It is the antithesis of a "material" design: it contains gradients wherever possible ;-) Besides XFCE the theme has been tested on LXDE, gnome, Cinnamon.
xfce lxde cinnamon gnome-dark linux unix theme
5 .0
Sep 23 2020

ArchLinux+LXDE Desktop

LXQt/LXDE Screenshots by Diseant
Started apps: * Chromium (with 8 tabs and 2 flash apps) * Conky * DeaDBeeF * Dropbox * Pidgin * PCManFM * LXTerminal I use a Numix theme - it's looks great :P All panels on desktop is only LXPanel with simple customization (top and bottom with semi-transparent background but left...
linux unix screenshot lxde lxqt
5 .8
Jul 23 2013

Arc Renegade GTK Theme

Various Gnome Theming by telur
Modern, clean, simple, metro-like theme for gtk based desktop environment, also comes with default icons. Tutorial and guides included in zip packages, configuration snapshot also available to load.
linux unix theme gnome arc purple gtk2 gtk3 lxde
5 .0
Jun 13 2020

LXDE Start Menu Icons

Single Icon/Logo by PowderLinux
THEME-INFO.txt Created by PowderLinux
linux unix logo lxde menu lubuntu icons start
5 .0
Jul 09 2019

vitas icon theme

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
[h2]Vitas-Icon-Theme[/h2] first launch of vitas-icon-theme, specially designed for use in high resolution monitors, its update depends on your acceptance. for greater integration it is recommended to install the classic theme...
gnome kde deepin xfce lxde linux unix icon-theme
7 .6
Oct 12 2019

neon icons

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
First sample of the new set of icons "neon", is inspired by the concept of "sweet dark" of the subject "sweet" of the user ELIVERLARA. This set is very small currently, use it with zafiro-icons
linux unix icon-theme icons gnome xfce kde lxde
8 .1
Jun 21 2019

Simplicity - LXQT Edition

Wallpapers LXQt/LXDE by ptalfred
This is a dark and minimalist wallpaper, that will give your XFCE desktop an incredible look. For more details, feel free to visit my blog: Download and enjoy it!
lxqt lxde linux lxqt-lxde simplicity wallpaper artwork
5 .0
Jun 06 2019

Luminary Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by jeevanmore
Luminary Icon Theme Version 1.2 Current Update! Added light colored panel and status icons for Dark themes. A gtk Icon theme for XFCE, LXDE/LXQT, Gnome, Mint, Budgie, etc. Luminary is a simple, easy on eyes and beautiful icon theme. I am still working on it and will keep updating it....
linux unix icon-theme icon themes lxde xfce
7 .7
Oct 21 2018

Lubuntu menu buttons

Single Icon/Logo by Nklobe
I made a few Lubuntu menu buttons and thought i should share them
logo linux unix lubuntu lxde menu
5 .0
Apr 18 2018


LXQt/LXDE Screenshots by LoRdAnEiToR
linux unix screenshot lxde lxqt
5 .0
Apr 05 2012