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Icon Sub-Sets by joshaby
[h1]Papirus Nord[/h1] Charming your distro! [h2]Avaliable colors:[/h2] [list] [*] Aurora Green [*] Aurora Orange [*] Aurora Yellow [*] Frost Blue 4 [/list] [h2]Install guide:[/h2] [list] [*]Install the patch package [*]Run de with sudo [*]Enjoy the...
linux unix iconset icons nord papirus
5 .0
Mar 17 2020

Clima Icons for xfce4-weather-plugin

Icon Sub-Sets by Art-2
Engrish =============================== Icons heavily inspired by the Papirus Icon theme. Instructions / Unzip here: ~/.config/xfce4/weather/icons/ notice You must use a panel size of 24 px If the folders "weather" and "icons" does not exist, create it. For xfce4-panel 4.13.4 set the...
linux unix iconset xfce papirus panel weather xubuntu
8 .0
Apr 19 2019