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Linux Mint Branded DMZ Cursors

Cursors by isylumn
Customized DMZ cursors branded with the Linux Mint logo. How to Install Linux Mint Cursors
linux mint round hand spinner unix cursor
5 .0
Feb 14 2019

B00merang Circle

GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
GTK theme where everything that can be rounded is round.
circle round orange numix gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
7 .1
Jul 07 2019

B00merang Flat

GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
B00merang Flat is a simple (and flat!) GTK theme for Gnome 3.20 or higher. It sports a dark titlebar and sidebar, slighlty rounded buttons and entries and a completely tweakable color palette. You simply have to edit the colors the theme uses and it will almost certainly render it...
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 flat round dark light bright
6 .7
Apr 04 2019