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my Linux desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by enkymarte
My desktop, ... I switched to Linux a year ago and I love it
linux unix screenshot kde plasma
5 .0
Oct 25 2019

Dynamic mac-like desktop and lockscreen

Gnome Screenshots by Vergil333
Dynamically changing desktop by the hours of the day. To get a perspective what dynamic desktop is, check this website I've created the blured images by this script. If you want softer/harder blur, just edit the script and run it. Requirements: - Ubuntu with Gnome (probably other distros...
linux unix screenshot gnome macos mojave dynamic desktop locksceen
5 .0
Apr 29 2020

Sweet LoliPOP

Gnome Screenshots by messiaslima
GTK Theme: Sweet Dark Icon theme: McMojave Circle Purple Extensions: Dash to Dock and User themes
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .4
Feb 19 2020

R and M

XFCE Screenshots by messiaslima
XFCE desktop with Global menu, windowck and Plank dock
xfce macos windowck dock linux unix screenshot
5 .0
Feb 18 2020

Powder's Cinnamon Workstation

Cinnamon Screenshots by PowderLinux
Screenshots of my workstation. Using Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon.
linux unix screenshot cinnamon desktop linux-mint
5 .8
Dec 30 2018

Powder's Cinnamon Desktop

Cinnamon Screenshots by PowderLinux
Screenshots of my desktop. Using Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon.
cinnamon screenshot linux linux-mint desktop unix
5 .0
Nov 26 2018


Cinnamon Screenshots by eXpander
Showing off my screenshot of Cinnamon. When finished with my themes I will upload them to the appropriate places.
cinnamon metacity linux unix screenshot
5 .0
Feb 04 2019

Clean XFCE desktop with plank

XFCE Screenshots by messiaslima
Simple and clean XFCE Desktop with Plank-Dock
linux unix screenshot xfce xfce4 plank papirus
5 .8
Sep 27 2018

i3wm - Oxide

Window-Manager Screenshots by dikiaap
A set of i3wm stacks for i3 window manager users and others. [b]Packages:[/b] • i3 • i3blocks • Rofi • Dunst • picom • Vim • Zsh [b]Source code:[/b] [url][/url]
linux unix screenshot window-manager
5 .8
Feb 17 2018