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Diamond Linux

Distros by Diamond
Diamond Linux based on Debian + KDE •Windows style Linux OS •Operating System in 10 minutes
windows style linux distro
5 .0
Nov 10 2020


Qt Components by trialuser
Qt5Gtk2 - GTK+2.0 integration plugins for Qt6 [b]Requirements[/b] - GNU Linux or FreeBSD
5 .6
Oct 06 2020


Plasma Themes by OlliFri
Dark KDE Plasma 5 theme for the bars and the start menu with color progression and adapted wildgets. For the installation, simply copy the unzipped file into the directory / usr / share / plasma / desktoptheme / with root rights. Then select Plasma Style in the Control Panel. All other...
kde plasma style dark linux unix theme
5 .8
Oct 05 2020


Application Styles by Luwx
Lightly is a fork of Breeze style that aims to be visually modern and minimalistic. Instalation: - See Github link for instructions - Lightly is still in alpha and may be not suitable for daily use.
qt modern style blur linux unix theme kde plasma widget-style
7 .5
Aug 27 2020


Qt Components by trialuser
Qt5Gtk2 - GTK+2.0 integration plugins for Qt5 [b]Requirements[/b] - GNU Linux or FreeBSD
5 .0
Apr 13 2020


QtCurve by pg00
A simple Qtcurve theme. Install here: /home/[user]/.local/share/QtCurve/ To be used with
simple widget style linux unix theme qtcurve
5 .0
Aug 03 2018

FlatShadowed for QSvgStyle

QSvgStyles by DexterMagnific
Flat shadowed theme for QSvgStyle, compatible with light color schemes *INSTALL* 1. Download and Install QSvgStyle: 2. Uncompress archive inside ~/.config/QSvgStyle/ 3. Use 'qsvgthememanager' to select theme
linux unix theme qstyle style qsvgstyle
5 .8
Jul 16 2018


Application Styles by DexterMagnific
[b]QSvgStyle[/b] is a themeable SVG style for Qt 5 applications. This package includes: * QSvgStyle style: the application style engine * QSvgThemeBuilder: an application for building theme configuration files * QSvgThemeManager: an application for choosing the current theme and tweaking...
linux unix kde plasma theme widget-style qstyle style svg
7 .6
Jul 23 2018

Telinkrin for QSvgStyle

QSvgStyles by DexterMagnific
Port of Telinkrin GTK theme to QSvgStyle. 1. Install QSvgStyle: see 2. Install theme: extract archive into .config/QSvgStyle/ 3. Use KDE system settings to choose QSvgStyle 4. Use qsvgthememanager program to choose Telinkrin theme
qsvgstyle qstyle style linux unix theme
6 .3
May 10 2018