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KwinDE -- Windows 10 Icons

Full Icon Themes by hblanqueto
These icons are not original, they are the union of other 3 windows created by their respective creators so the credits are for them, below you will find the name of each of them as well as their respective creator to support them. How often will you update it? These icons will take a long...
linux unix icon-theme icons windows10 kde
6 .0
May 27 2020

Menu Minty10 X

Single Icon/Logo by hendra
* Bismillah * Icon for start menu of Linux Mint * Inspired by Windows 10 (C) Microsoft's start
mint windows10 startmenu linux unix logo
5 .6
Sep 14 2019


Plasma Color Schemes by phob1an
Part of Tzen look-and-feel.
windows10 linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
6 .2
Oct 11 2019


Full Icon Themes by hendra
* Bismillah * Theme inspired by windows 10 icons theme (c) Microsoft * Based on Papirus icons theme * Tested on LXQt, Gnome, Cinnamon, XFCE and Budgie Installation : - Download the tar file and extract it - Copy paste in /usr/share/icons Hope you like it.
lubuntu windows10 lxqt linux unix icon-theme
6 .2
Sep 21 2019


LXQt Themes by hendra
* Bismillah * Theme is modified by hendra ([email protected]) * Theme inspired by Windows 10 (c) Microsoft * Buttons from Lubuntu Arc LXQT theme * Based on dark LXQT theme * Bigger start menu For best result, combine it with this icons theme...
windows10 lubuntu lxqt linux unix theme
6 .0
Aug 16 2019

Fluent Dark

Kvantum by Luwx
A Kvantum theme heavily based on Microsoft's Fluent Design elements. Window decoration in the screenshot: Wallpaper by Jakob Owens.
linux qt windows10 design blur unix theme kvantum
8 .6
Dec 15 2018