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Application Styles by Luwx
Lightly is a fork of Breeze style that aims to be visually modern and minimalistic. Instalation
qt modern style blur linux unix theme kde plasma widget-style
5 .6
Aug 27 2020

Machaera Altus Nox - Aurorae

Aurorae Themes by Oversword
Machaera Altus Nox is a modern, color-schemeable KDE Plasma theme, with a futuristic, mechanical design
linux unix theme kde plasma machine technology futuristic modern
6 .0
Apr 10 2020

B00merang Future

GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
Modern GTK theme with gradients, bright colors and flat buttons
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 future modern gradient flat colors
5 .0
Jul 05 2019


Cinnamon Themes by atlas356
ClearGlass theme Transparent glass theme for cinnamon desktop environment, edited on Mint-X theme code. To test the theme on Linux mint please put all the files in /home/username/.themes or /usr/share/themes. Compatibility Tested and developed in Cinnamon 4.0
linux-mint cinnamon modern glass water linux unix theme
5 .8
Feb 23 2019