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Webcam & Monitoring by nowardev
USE kde laucher => multimedia => showebkam DELETE OLD CONFIG FILES Copyright (C) 2013 [email protected] Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the...
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Jan 16 2017


Webcam & Monitoring by econsystems
QtCAM is an Open Source Linux Webcam Software with attractive features such as Colour space switching, Displaying Frame rates, over 10 image control settings and extension settings. This Linux camera application enables users to capture/view videos/images from any USB camera or any V4L2...
6 .3
Aug 10 2015


System Software by ashaduri
is a tool for querying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data
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Aug 03 2017


Webcam & Monitoring by wusel1007
A webcam application and motion detector. With this app you can take pictures through your web cam triggered by the motion detector or timer related. You need opencv installed to compile.
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May 15 2014


Network by openmosixview
and responsibility). The openMosixview-suite contains 8 usefull applications for monitoring and administrating
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Jul 06 2004

Password Hacking Software

Utilities by pdw4hck
. Employee monitoring system helps in tracing activity of different staffs in offices during working hours
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Jul 16 2012

Hacking Software

Utilities by dtolorg
monitoring application to trace all sites surfed on administrator computer without using any other software
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May 29 2012


Webcam & Monitoring by apol
Kamoso is an application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam. It also lets you to push the media to some web 2.0 services such as facebook and youtube. Want to help? We need collaborators!! Screencast: Mailing list:...
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Dec 09 2010

qt webcam viewer - V4lCapture

Webcam & Monitoring by opakdil
qt webcam viewer for linux. it takes v4l data/image frames and show them in the qwidget. you need to modify the code for make it work in your machine. for width and height parts check the code please. this project lives in sourceforge now please check it...
5 .9
Jul 17 2010


Webcam & Monitoring by iking
A webcam application for linux. wxCam is a webcam application for Linux. It supports video recording (in an uncompressed AVI and Xvid formats), snapshot taking, and some special commands for Philips webcams, so you can also use the program for astronomy purposes. It supports both video4linux 1...
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May 29 2010