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Webcam & Monitoring by slux83
webQam is an (useful?) systray application written in C++/NokiaQt that show and organize your webcams!
5 .8
Oct 17 2009

Key Logger

Utilities by pasrecin
Key logger is easy to operate software for monitoring computer systems in very professional
5 .0
Jun 01 2012

Download Spy Software

Security by dwnstmb
Spyware system monitoring software has ability to record entire composed emails, online chat
5 .0
Aug 10 2012


Webcam & Monitoring by bwadolowski1
This is simple webcam application. webKam requires: QtRuby(KDE 4.2 or trunk) GStramer Ruby bindings Gstreamer plugins good video4linux compatible webcam
7 .2
Jan 23 2009

USB Monitor Tool

Utilities by syumsub
Powerful USB Drive access monitoring software works like a surveillance camera to trace USB port
5 .0
Sep 08 2012

Qt Opencv webcam viewer

Webcam & Monitoring by windel
A widget to display opencv IplImage structures. Opens a webcam, and displays the image in the widget.
6 .7
Sep 24 2008

Keylogger Software

Graphic Apps by sft8kgrs
or PC without your permission. Reliable keyboard monitoring tool is used to trace all keyevents pressed
4 .6
Sep 14 2012


Webcam & Monitoring by zelmo
StreamMinder is a graphical front-end for Tom Stoeveken's MJPG-streamer, a UVC webcam streaming program. This release is intended for developers and advanced users. See the README (bundled with the source) for important notes about this release.
5 .0
May 31 2008


Webcam & Monitoring by LukA4e
MyFace is a program like Apple PhotoBooth or Cheese. It's written in C++ and it uses the power of Qt4. With MyFace you can snap photos or record videos from a webcam. It supports (with plugins) a lot of effects (like sepia, grayscale, blur, edge detection, oil paint...). NEW!...
5 .8
Apr 21 2008


Webcam & Monitoring by ly
Camorama is a webcam application featuring various image filters. Camorama allows you to view video from your webcam and apply various image filters to it. It can also upload images via ftp.
5 .0
Oct 09 2007