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Looks great

Wallpapers OSX/Apple by sysmod_linuxus ALL...
wallpaper artwork apple osx
5 .0
Nov 07 2017


GTK3 Themes by paulxfce
[B] McOS-SPG-Gnome 3.30[/B] Is a special version of McOS-SPG for the gnome 3.30 desktop In the files tab you can dowload this version (but it also available at the main McOS-themes site.) It is developed with the color scheme of Logic PRO in mind.
macos osx gnome linux unix theme gtk3
6 .5
Sep 26 2018


GTK3 Themes by paulxfce
[B] McOS-MJV-Gnome-3.30[/B] Is a special version of the Mc-OS-MJV designed to work with the brand new Gnome 3.30 desktop. Nautilus has been redesigned, and as such requires theme-adjustments that conflict with the older Mc-OS-MJV -theme The Dark-mode variant is also available for Gnome...
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 mac osx mojave
7 .3
Sep 25 2018

OSX - 1

Plasma Color Schemes by hackan301
This is a tweak of a color-scheme named "OSX", so I came up with the very imaginative name "OSX
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme macos osx balanced
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Jun 27 2018

Mac OSX Inline Battery

Plasma 5 Monitoring by polunom
Inline battery widget for your top Plasma panel. Features: • Indicators for charging, uncharging, and low battery • Fully customizable settings
battery inline macos osx mac linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget monitoring
7 .6
Sep 20 2018


GTK3 Themes by umayanga
I think this theme is compatible with every version of GNOME It imports styles directly from Adwaita theme and only thing that I did is changing the window-control buttons (Close, minimize, maximize buttons)
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme macos adwaita osx macosx apple
5 .9
Jan 25 2018

Apple Arc OSX Theme

GTK3 Themes by umayanga
----- GNOME 3.20 COMPATIBLE ----- * Mac OSX "show apps" dash icon * OSX top Panel * OSX-Arc
macos macosx osx apple yosemite gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
6 .5
Jul 30 2017

Artist tux-MAC OSX wallpaper

Wallpapers OSX/Apple by charles94
it is cool.
wallpaper artwork apple osx
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Jan 27 2010

ClearUbuntu OSX - Aqua

Wallpapers OSX/Apple by alexdumal
Another background MOD for your ubuntu linux.
wallpaper artwork apple osx
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Jan 18 2009

Zedux OSX like wall

Wallpapers OSX/Apple by sips
My Inkscape experiment. (Without "Linux inside" logo)
wallpaper artwork apple osx
5 .0
Jul 28 2008