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Mock Backend Skill

Configuration by jarbasai
PRIVACY NOTE: you need to setup your own STT, by default it will use google
addon mycroft skill backend mock privacy
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Jun 14 2020


Security by anwartitan
Truecrypt veracrypt
security encryption privacy software app
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Oct 27 2019

Autohosts - Block Ads Spyware and Tracking at the Root Level

Security by angelad
on this Site' with Noscript can open you up to underlying attacks or privacy intrusions. In-browser filters
software app privacy automation adblocking security
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Oct 23 2019

Pica Pica Messenger

Chat & Messenging by picapica
Pica Pica is a project aimed to create and support distributed decentralized secure instant messaging system. Pica Pica network consists of nodes and clients. Nodes are hosted by volunteers on their computers. Nodes connect to each other and exchange info about other nodes and online clients,...
software app messenger encryption privacy
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Mar 16 2019

Gitenc - Encrypt Sensitive Files with Git Using GPG

Developers Apps by angelad
Gitenc is a simple shell script that works as a placeholder for git add and will parse filenames for sensitive names from git status and apply GPG encryption as needed (filenames matching config, connection or sqlbackup) while handing everything off to git. It essentially automates long shell...
git encryption developer-tools privacy security software app
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Jan 27 2019

VPN Killswitch

VPN by angelad
It works by (you) replacing the launcher execute command with VPN Killswitch, VPN Killswitch will then launch the torrent client, so it's able to bind to it, without modifying the client core. (The desktop launcher version) also prevents the torrent application from even being launched if the...
vpn killswitch deluge torrenting privacy software app
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Nov 30 2018