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Cinnamox-Rosso-Cursa [Cinnamon-GTK2/3-Metacity]

Cinnamon Themes by smurphos
Cinnamox-Rosso-Cursa features an exciting red colour scheme and light text. Cinnamon, Metacity
cinnamon gtk metacity red orange linux unix theme
Score 50.0%
7 hours ago

Flat Remix Red [GTK/Elementary/Budgie]

GTK3 Themes by daniruiz06
]@dani_ruiz24[/url][/b] [/h4] [hr] [h1]Themes[/h1] [list] [*] Flat Remix GTK Red [*] Flat Remix GTK Red
flat remix material gtk red linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 84.7%
Dec 24 2019

Meat Dirt Green

GTK2 Themes by punk7as7fck
Meat Dirt Green No engines goodies. Create a directory "Meat Dirt Green" in your ~/.themes and put the gtkrc file in it.
linux unix theme gnome gtk2 red brown green gtk
Score 50.0%
Jan 31 2019

Cinereus GTK 2/3.2 - Dark/red theme

GTK3 Themes by azarilh
Cinereus is a dark theme with red accent based on Cinereus for KDE Plasma [ https
red gtk dark linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 63.3%
Dec 20 2018

Red Breeze Dark GTK 2.0/3.2 theme

GTK3 Themes by azarilh
It's a darker version of the original Breeze Dark with red instead of blue. It works on GTK 2.0
dark darker theme gtk red linux unix gnome gtk3
Score 74.0%
Dec 18 2018