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GameDev palettes with DB16/32 Famicom GameBoy and Pico8

Gimp Palettes by DansLeRuSH
32 - Famicom - GameBoy - Pico-8 Please have a look to the screenshots ! :) GNU/Linux : Copy the one
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Jun 08 2020

Dynamic mac-like desktop and lockscreen

Gnome Screenshots by Vergil333
Dynamically changing desktop by the hours of the day. To get a perspective what dynamic desktop is, check this website I've created the blured images by this script. If you want softer/harder blur, just edit the script and run it. Requirements: - Ubuntu with Gnome (probably other distros...
linux unix screenshot gnome macos mojave dynamic desktop locksceen
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Apr 29 2020

Sweet LoliPOP

Gnome Screenshots by messiaslima
GTK Theme: Sweet Dark Icon theme: McMojave Circle Purple Extensions: Dash to Dock and User themes
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .4
Feb 19 2020

R and M

XFCE Screenshots by messiaslima
XFCE desktop with Global menu, windowck and Plank dock
xfce macos windowck dock linux unix screenshot
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Feb 18 2020

Puppetry - codeless end-to-end test automation environment

Developers Apps by dsheiko
in in CI/CD pipeline as human-readable test specification provided with screenshots per test step. Staging, template
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Feb 05 2020

my Linux desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by enkymarte
My desktop, ... I switched to Linux a year ago and I love it
linux unix screenshot kde plasma
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Oct 25 2019

LXDE Start Menu Icons

Single Icon/Logo by PowderLinux
('lxde-start' is the icon used in the screenshots) To use: Right click on your start menu icon
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Jul 09 2019

Camo Plasma themes

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
5 Plasma themes to match the Camo color schemes. Icons in the screenshots are the Newaita icons
6 .3
May 19 2019

Camo Plasma Color Schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
5 shades of of green Plasma color schemes Icons in the screenshots are the Newaita icons found
5 .8
May 10 2019

Camo GTK themes

GTK3 Themes by freefreeno
:// Icons in the screenshots are the Newaita icons:
6 .2
May 10 2019