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Fluxbox screenshot

Fluxbox Screenshots by theo7
My desktop, using Fluxbox, Conky, Urxvt, VLC .
fluxbox unix screenshot linux
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May 31 2008

My Ubuntu Fluxbox

Fluxbox Screenshots by ylarguex
Hi! Im working on my new Fluxbox Desktop based in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
screenshot linux unix fluxbox
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May 05 2014

Debian Fluxbox

Fluxbox Screenshots by cagwait
Debian with Fluxbox Xfce4 Terminal-1 with fortunes and cowsay Terminal 2-screenshot script from
fluxbox unix linux screenshot
Score 50.0%
Jun 01 2008

My Deskton on Jule 2012

Fluxbox Screenshots by sonlink
Mi desktop in Jule 2012 Entorno/Environment: LXDE + Fluxbox Panel superior/Top panel: LXpanelX Dockbar: Adeskbar. GTK2/3 Theme: Ambianze-Lime Iconos/Icons: Faience Azur Wallpaper: The...
unix fluxbox screenshot linux
Score 58.0%
Jul 16 2012


Fluxbox Screenshots by Shinryuu
I decided to play around a bit with Fluxbox, nothing special but it's simple! I'm glad this minimal windowmanagers exists and hooray for the boxes.
screenshot linux fluxbox unix
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Feb 27 2010


Fluxbox Screenshots by aimara
Fluxbox + conky + idesk + gkrellm + urxvt-unicode + pacmanfm
unix linux screenshot fluxbox
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Sep 20 2009

FluxBox Debian Lenny 5.0

Fluxbox Screenshots by javieralexandergz
This is My Debian Lenny FluxBox
linux screenshot unix fluxbox
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May 05 2009

Fluxbox on Ubuntu

Fluxbox Screenshots by billgoldberg
Click download for full size. Email me and mention this page should you need details.
unix screenshot linux fluxbox
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Aug 26 2008


Fluxbox Screenshots by trashbox
linux screenshot fluxbox unix
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Jun 05 2008

fluxbox looking like KDE4

Fluxbox Screenshots by nkzeljo
screenshot linux fluxbox unix
Score 50.0%
Jun 04 2008