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PyShare (imageshack/rapidshare/twitpic)

Nautilus Scripts by Nait
This scripts allows you to easily upload images, screenshots, or other files and gives you links
6 .3
Jun 02 2011

Make DEB Package

Nautilus Scripts by Perberos
/[/i] [b]How to use:[/b] Take a look in the screenshot. [b]How to make deb packages:[/b] This is a very
5 .0
Sep 29 2008

ASP: Airelle Scripts Package

Nautilus Scripts by airelle
tips about Nautilus... or not![/li] Screenshots of all these scripts and tips here: [url]http
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Jun 01 2014


Nautilus Scripts by sp00k113
:// This also works well as a Nautilus Action. See the included screenshot
5 .8
Dec 05 2011

sunset/sunrise wallpaper switcher

Nautilus Scripts by Simzer
->Preferences->More Preferences->Sessions Note: the script inspired by the wallpapers on the screenshot
4 .6
Dec 27 2009

Image Mount (cue, iso, mds, ccd, nrg)

Nautilus Scripts by brucelee
tempted by the GUIs available through the net. So basicaly, as you can see in the screenshot attached
5 .8
Aug 06 2010

CursorXP to X11 Mouse Theme Converter

Nautilus Scripts by KuduK
are supported * Can modify opacity of cursors * Can resize cursors * Can generate simple and full screenshots
5 .5
Nov 12 2009

A Nautilus renamer - ROSKA Renamer

Nautilus Scripts by scacco
, then an action window will appear (see screenshot). [b]To Do:[/b] - New install/uninstall script - Improve
7 .4
Dec 18 2010

remove backup and old files

Nautilus Scripts by vbsampath
fails here ....the bug is clearly visible from screenshots
5 .0
Feb 12 2009

MOUvie Converter

Nautilus Scripts by MOU
more detailed information, documentation and more screenshots. Here you can leave me Suggestions, Bugs and and a forum ist also available. [b][u]German-Speaking-Page[/u][/b] Auf meiner deutschsprachigen Homepage sind auch sehr viele Informationen zu meinem [b]MOUvie...
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Jul 18 2009