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Breath2 Dark Minimal

Yakuake Skins by nissen22
bar. You need to use hotkeys to access settings and quit Yakuake. My screenshots
6 .0
May 21 2020

Transparent Tabs

Yakuake Skins by futpib
manually (at the right on the third screenshot). Setting are available by keyboard shortcuts. If you have
7 .2
Jun 18 2012

Plasma: Oxygen - Panel

Yakuake Skins by hellblade
some screenshots with red background and then gimp everything. I edited and segmented the screenshots
8 .0
Nov 25 2010

Kore style Yakuake skin

Yakuake Skins by johngreenwood
(which I am using on the screenshot) and installation instructions. That is, if anyone is still using
5 .0
Apr 17 2007