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cool screenshot

Various Gnome Stuff by data2002
This is my current desktop: Icon Theme: GTK Theme: Beryl...
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Dec 19 2006

Firefox Proto Dust -Stylish (screenshot)

Various Gnome Stuff by derma
Just a screenshot of the modding Firefox theme Proto Dust ( [url]
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May 14 2009

Ambiance Window Buttons Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by greoj
require superuser permissions to write to that folder - e.g. via: gksu nautilus The screenshots show
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May 21 2010

YAD Tempconverter

Various Gnome Stuff by soundrolf
Screenshot Enjoy
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Nov 10 2015

Unity Application Menu icon

Various Gnome Stuff by Ambiance-69
Unity Application menu icon. For use on KDE, Xfce and LXDE. In the screenshot, I used
6 .3
Mar 06 2014

Nautilus Patterns

Various Gnome Stuff by themer
The screenshot is a little misleading, so I've explained that 1) only my best are kept
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Aug 13 2007

Rotating Ubuntu Logo X-Splash

Various Gnome Stuff by technoshaun
to do) The negative degree change allowed for the Counter Clockwise Rotation. The screenshot was taken using
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Nov 20 2009

Compact open dialog (mockup!)

Various Gnome Stuff by mathieu147
The gnome-open dialog looks like in screenshot 1. It wastes *a lot* of space. Why isn't it like
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Apr 14 2006

Simple Window List

Various Gnome Stuff by mavrommatis
Screenshot of working prototype of a modifed window list, without text labels, using a single row
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May 09 2006

png gradient to gtk3 css converter

Various Gnome Stuff by blue-dxca93
gradient with gimp. Its an unexact and time intensive task. Why no screenshot? well its an script.
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Nov 06 2014