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Plasma X20

Desktop Concepts by sajith
Under Development ..☺️ Plasma X20 OS Screenshot
5 .0
Aug 02 2020

KDE Media Center (idea)

Desktop Concepts by djworld
. The screenshots have been made with GIMP, taking screenshots from Kontact, Kaffeine, Gwenview and JuK
5 .8
Jul 19 2004

Kopete sidebar idea (mockup only)

Desktop Concepts by freqmodn
it, if it is not done. (Based on screenshots from Kopete, with norwegian translation)
5 .0
Aug 05 2005

Amarok Screen Saver

Desktop Concepts by boskicinek
one (see bottom of the screenshot). Unfortunately I don't have programming skills necessary
5 .0
Feb 16 2007

Mockup - KDE Control Center

Desktop Concepts by joaofa
Hi, these 3 screenshots were made as a rearrangement of the KDE Control Center. I din't want
5 .0
Jun 17 2005

Not a sidebar

Desktop Concepts by Superstoned
on it, and drop them later onto an document or a local map. So check the screenshot (mockup). at the right
5 .0
Feb 24 2005