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Work in Progress

Gnome Screenshots by naaamo2004
The theme (GTK and Gnome Shell) i´m working on.
linux unix screenshot gnome 1024x768
5 .8
Feb 10 2018

Griffin Brave Dark

GTK3 Themes by Shenron
. The screenshots are from Ubuntu 18.04 running GNOME 3.28 and Xubuntu 18.04 With a different Window border
5 .0
May 05 2018

Ideal Working Space (With Download Links)

Gnome Screenshots by Hero6
Hello! I like dark themes a lot, what about you? I want to share with you my result. I took standart linux (Ubuntu Gnome) and made something like this. I dont pretend on literary property on these addons, themes, icons, etc. I just want to share my result with you and show you how to get...
1024x768 800x600 linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Nov 17 2017

Materialgnome 0.1

Gnome Screenshots by moiozx
My desktop. downloads link coming soon
linux unix screenshot gnome 1024x768 800x600
5 .8
Sep 30 2017