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ctOS GDM Login Theme

GDM Themes by OMGpotatoes
the Blume logo slightly cutoff because of the screenshot. The actual theme does NOT have the logo cutoff
5 .0
Oct 06 2016

Daemonic Smegma NG

GDM Themes by Chrispy
This is the GDM Version of the KDM Theme Daemonic Smega, made by Hersch Stevenson Screenshot
5 .0
Sep 04 2007


GDM Themes by demonoidmaster
Countess Elizabeth Bathory GDM Theme [Note: The Screenshot 1 Is Actualy Just The Wallpaper
5 .0
Jul 25 2009


GDM Themes by ddeino
GDM theme based on Avio-GDM and Dust GTK theme, trying to be similar to last one. SCREENSHOT
5 .0
Dec 22 2008

Minty Lake GDM Theme

GDM Themes by dcosner
displays the options lower than the screenshot shows. I used xnest for the screenshot and it alters things
5 .0
Jan 29 2008


GDM Themes by krishnavamshi24
Don't Mind the screenshot.I could'nt find a way to figure out a way to get a screenshot of GDM.This
5 .0
Jan 20 2007

Simplistic Black GDM

GDM Themes by theTuxer
A simple GDM theme made starting from the "SimplisticBlack" Wallpaper... PS:the screenshot
5 .0
Aug 25 2008

Mint 3D GDM Theme

GDM Themes by dcosner
the screenshot. The placement of the options is not accurate in the screenshot, limitations of xnest.
5 .0
Apr 05 2008

Pink Floyd - Animals

GDM Themes by cactusjack901
me a screenshot of it that would be much appreciated (I don't know how to take screenshots of GDM) this is part
5 .0
Nov 07 2007

Chuck's login

GDM Themes by Warsarge
=) Bigger screenshot in
5 .0
Mar 26 2009