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Icon Sub-Sets by Divilinux
ispired to open clipart screenshot from inkscape user.. Various colors and size
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Jul 10 2006


Icon Sub-Sets by Scnd101
at the screenshot). in the beginning of the script there's a line: imageviewer="eog" replace eog with any
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Dec 21 2008

Rhythmbox [music notation]

Icon Sub-Sets by ericesque
] I've added a second screenshot to have the community help me finalize the icon. Once I get some
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Dec 02 2008

Rosa Icon theme and rosa X cursor icon

Icon Sub-Sets by finaprp
/share/icons/ enjoy! screenshots: arch linux and kde.
6 .8
Oct 23 2011

Freemind Document Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by hbone
well, just use the screenshot (PNG) or export it from Inkscape as you like. P.S.: I'm not quite sure
5 .0
Apr 03 2008

Freeplane icon for faenza

Icon Sub-Sets by zeusalmighty
version they prefer (1st, 2nd or 3rd screenshot) that would be awesome, thanks!
6 .3
Dec 23 2010


Icon Sub-Sets by mutanabbi
it'd do as a nice UI element. In this screenshot i used it as a menu icon in LXDE but it should
5 .8
Mar 03 2011

Nexuiz Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by zedtux
This is an icon I've make with a screenshot of the loading screen :o)
5 .0
Aug 31 2007

Quake Wars & Quake 4

Icon Sub-Sets by mentalrey
Quake4 and Enemy Territory Quake Wars 128x128 pixel F5 for update screenshot
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Jan 17 2008

Marbles 0.1.4 (Solid)

Icon Sub-Sets by Markus
sizes. Beware, the download package is meanwhile bigger than 4 MB. Screenshot 1: small subset
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Jul 09 2002