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Kicker Wallpaper for Kore

Kicker Panel by jtoegel
A Kicker Wallpaper for Kore (a second wallpaper is available through the screenshots (second
5 .0
May 20 2007

Metallic Kicker Backgrounds

Kicker Panel by sabrex
A collection of 50x50 PNG background images to be used for the kicker background. The screenshots
5 .0
Jul 15 2002

Dry kicker

Kicker Panel by ClauCookie
Look really good with oxygen icons and opaque window decorator. The third screenshot
5 .0
Jan 27 2008

Pasteli v 3.0

Kicker Panel by m3rci
can see on the screenshots. Thank you for your comments.
5 .0
Apr 25 2008

Lumina (15 kickers)

Kicker Panel by studioz
the n. 15 and duplicate the n.13. I put it on the second screenshot.
5 .0
Jun 24 2006

Linspire clear inspired kicker background

Kicker Panel by pootie
one in the linspire screenshots which probably matches better but I couldn't find it anywhere
5 .0
May 04 2005

Requested Kicker Background

Kicker Panel by shanuxnox
it by copying the graphics on a konqueror window. I just opened on up, snapped a screenshot and gimped it out
5 .0
Nov 23 2002

Not quite kicker

Kicker Panel by fop
screenshot. There is a chance that this might become a reality. A source forge project has been started
5 .0
Nov 27 2002