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Bspwm greatness with Polybar

Window-Manager Screenshots by dimmed
My current Arch Linux Setup with bspwm. See it on action \* Font : [mononoki Nerd Font]( \* Icon Font :...
linux unix screenshot window-manager
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Jun 20 2019

Plasma Gentoo

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wuseman
Simple Screenshot Uploaded For Fun
plasma gentoo desktop kde linux unix screenshot
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Mar 26 2019

CRT Screen emulator

XFCE Screenshots by josvanr
Well actually its just an overlay border on top of your desktop. See 'CRT Screen' project. You can add a transparent border to your desktop, making it look either like - a crt screen (ie glass like bevel) - an old apple UI (rounded corners) - an old terminal with some buttons. (Works...
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Oct 04 2018