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My XFCE Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by 7viser
This is my XFCE setup. I like clean layouts and dark themes. XFCE is extremely customizable and snappy and I always come back to it. Even though I don't like Windows very much, I do like the clean square lines in the UI. That's why I have used the Windows 10 theme here. Fonts: Roboto Icon...
xfce4 xfce screenshot desktop linux unix
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Sep 27 2020

Cub Linux Style available for download xfce panel profile

XFCE Screenshots by neon
Xubuntu 20.04 with a look like Cub Linux. WM Theme: Qogir-light Theme: Qogir-light Icons: Tela-circle Plank: cublinux Panel background: black transparent ==================================== Require Plank Dock! This is my custom xfce panel profile - Look like Cub Linux Style -...
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Aug 22 2020

Xubuntu 20.04 Custom Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by jolimar
This is my custom xfce desktop!! - A mix of Greybird theme with slightly darkened McOS-XFCE-EDITION xfwm ( - Transparent panel - Papirus icon theme (cyan folders) - ElementaryOS plank theme - Wallpaper of - Global...
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Jul 10 2020


XFCE Screenshots by mmolch
My clean desktop theme that allows me to focus on my work. Theme:
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Jul 07 2020

My Xubuntu Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by kadnass-dz
Theme Greybird-dark : Eyes - xfce4-eyes-plugin : Icon : Terminal bash :
linux unix screenshot xfce
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May 14 2020

R and M

XFCE Screenshots by messiaslima
XFCE desktop with Global menu, windowck and Plank dock
xfce macos windowck dock linux unix screenshot
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Feb 18 2020

Fedora 31 XFCE

XFCE Screenshots by u666sa
Fedora 31 XFCE PRO-dark-XFCE-4.14 mouse Dark-C icons Adwaita some generick brick wallpaper Default GNOME installation is needed for Google Disk on your desktop, this is not an XFCE spin off.
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Jan 22 2020

Arch Linux with XFCE

XFCE Screenshots by sepriklo
The bottom panel appears only on hover XFWM Theme: GTK Theme: Icons: Cursor: Font: Mono font:...
linux unix screenshot xfce arch
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Mar 19 2019

My Arch Desktop with XFCE and CONKY

XFCE Screenshots by neo1975
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Jan 13 2019

My Xubuntu Screen

XFCE Screenshots by AradinSuraton
My Xubuntu Screen
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Nov 08 2018