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XFCE Screenshots by mmolch
My clean desktop theme that allows me to focus on my work. Theme:
linux unix screenshot xfce
5 .0
Jul 07 2020

Fedora 31 XFCE

XFCE Screenshots by u666sa
Fedora 31 XFCE PRO-dark-XFCE-4.14 mouse Dark-C icons Adwaita some generick brick wallpaper Default GNOME installation is needed for Google Disk on your desktop, this is not an XFCE spin off.
linux unix screenshot xfce
5 .0
Jan 22 2020

simple xfce desktop

XFCE Screenshots by mohamedanis
Screenshot for a simple xfce desktop.
linux unix screenshot xfce kde gnome background
5 .0
Mar 23 2018